Let’s take advantage of the Geneva show to build a top of the best racing games of this generation!


What is convenient on Xbox One is that there is no need to look far to find a great racing game … if not the best at this time. Turn 10 has always understood the player, spoiling him with each generation with a first try to take the temperature, and a sequel to knock out the competition. That’s probably why fans have forgiven the 2013 pay demo ( Forza Motorsport 5 ), especially with a sixth that ensures a generous solo and a seamless multi.

And since the beginning of March 2016, we can drive Porsche … what the people want! A PC version? But it’s planned, it’s free and it’s subtitled Apex ! Something else ?


It’s far, the time Project Cars was still affiliated with a Kickstarter project. Today, the Slightly Mad Studios hit is one of the big names in car simulation on PC, PS4 and Xbox One … and also among the least ergonomic (having to go back to the main menu to change an option, is it really serious? ?). So, of course, the game lacks a real solo, releases all its content from the launch while the player likes to unlock things, and it takes a hell of PC to put everything to the bottom … but on the bitumen, there There is no more picky!

And if you still have funds after buying a 500 € wheel and a bucket seat 250 €, know that the studio has recently announced compatibility with the Oculus Rift helmet , better known as “How much? 700 € the helmet? “. But when we like to ride, we do not count … too much.


While Assetto Corsa is the happiness of PC players since the end of 2014, it will take a little longer to play on consoles ! The Italian studio Kunos Simulazioni has needed two more months to refine the final settings, the race will start in June 2016. Hoping by then to enjoy new circuits and vehicles, because with ten decors and a hundred models to drive, players may to find that a little light. Especially that the mods and other creations of the community, are not in the program PS4 / Xbox One. So why be interested? Because in terms of driving, feeling and physics, Assetto is at the top of the table!


Do not panic, we have obviously thought of the general public who does not wish to brake thirty meters before a turn and lose that feeling of exhilarating speed. For him, the exclusive PS4 proves to be a good compromise between the too realistic and the big anything ( Need for Speed ), a cousin of Project Gotham Racing in short. Even if the recent hardcore mode adds a little spice to driving. Since its launch, the game has continued to release free or paid content (but very affordable) and refine details that angered the community so far.

And if you love both the four wheels and both, its extension Bikes should go like a glove. So on PS4,  DRIVECLUB is today an excellent choice, pending Gran Turismo .


And to close this top, we thought to quote Sebastien Loeb , the darling of the French, but since the release of DiRT Rally , the man seems more credible when he sells us his fiber Numericable. DiRT Rally is everything a rally player can hope for. A visual at the forefront, ultra-severe driving, settings as if it were raining … we regret its content still a little skinny, but success helping, Codemasters should review his copy quickly. So if you are more mud and bump than bitumen and great tourism, here is the one and only game to buy this year.

The speed is gray but you do not have the Ferrari to fill this desire? Why not let off steam on the best car racing video games? Less expensive than real sports, car games are available on many consoles, including smartphone, and can even offer steering with connected steering wheel.

F1 2018

We no longer present the F1 series, which reoffends this year with a new episode. So what’s new compared to 2017? Already, the graphics performance is much better, with a display in 4K, at 60 frames per second. An even more visible result on PC. Secondly, the contract system with a stable is more precise and even closer to reality with salary revision for example. It should also be noted a tree of skills more provided, the return of interviews at the end of the race with interactive responses. Finally, race side, the behavior of the car on the road is much better transcribed, especially through work on the suspensions.

Forza Horizon 4

Available on PC and console, the arcade game Forza Horizon 4 was released in early October 2018. Very graphically optimized, FH4 is evolving the player on the roads of England, on a map with varied landscapes, both mountainous, green, forest or urban. Another novelty, this edition is fully multiplayer, whether in competition or cooperative mode. Finally, we appreciate the wide choice of vehicles among 450 different models, with very realistic and well personalized driving.

Burnout Paradise

Another classic racing game, Burnout received a remastering of his opus Paradise (first edition in 2008), one of the most appreciated players. Its goal ? Sack Paradise City with crashes and rushes of adrenaline. It will benefit more from the graphical boost on PC or PS4, although it is minimal: the claim 4K is mostly visible on vehicles and vegetation. This is still one of the funniest arcade racing games and level-design to always surprise the player during his races.