The best racing and car games

A top 10 for thrill seekers! Since the emergence and democratization of video games, racing games have always had a special place in the hearts of fans. Here are the best representatives of its kind!

Practicing the video game is also having the opportunity to drive incredible cars and experience sensations normally inaccessible. This is the list of the best in the field of racing and car games.

1 – Dirt Rally

Being able to drive 50 years of legendary cars is what Dirt Rally offers you. Demanding, it is a game that takes time to be taken in hand, but which rewards you with excellent driving sensations.

2 – Trackmania Stadium

If you follow the famous Zerator, you probably know Trackmania. A nice little game at first glance, but which contains a real wealth and a huge amount of particularly varied circuits.

3 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart is a pleasure of immediate play, but that does not fade. Everyone has played Mario kart, everyone loves Mario Kart. The genius of the franchise is also to have been able to evolve and bring novelties without ever losing its effectiveness.

4 – Gran Turismo 2

Racing games age very often badly, but this classic has stood the test of time. Good luck to succeed all your permits!

5 – Rocket League

Rocket League is a racing game gameplay with a purpose other than being the fastest. Dive into the arena and be smarter and more clever than your opponents. Missing a path will have catastrophic consequences.

6 –  Project Cars 2

A very rich title that has found the right balance in arcade and simulation. A must if you are a lover of motorsports.

7 – Trials Fusion

We can make a quality racing game in 2D. Directly inspired by Flash games, Trials Fusion will make you fanatical about finding balance and the perfect vertical trajectory.

8 – Assetto Corsa

With a terrifying artificial intelligence and a very fine gameplay, Assetto Corsa is aimed at the most demanding drivers. Do not expect a nice run in your first few hours of play. If you persist, you will find other games too approximate. A unique version for the Blancpain Championship is in preparation  !

9 –  F1 2017

The F1 franchise allows you what few racing games can offer: immerse yourself in the skin of a professional driver. In a style of play too often classic and repetitive, F1 2017 motivates you by making you want to make a great career!

10 –  Forza Horizon 3

With the third installment of Horizon, Forza gives up seriousness and delivers a frenetic and incredibly fun experience. You will take more pleasure than ever to drift and enter your opponents.