Read Dead Redemption 2 – The best ps4 game of the moment

To say that waiting around Read Dead Redemption 2 was great is an understatement. The sequel to Read Dead Redemption released in 2010 took exactly 8 years to reach us, while Rockstar polishes his baby. Was the wait worth the candle: yes, a thousand times yes!

In the second game already renamed RDR2 by the players, you will find John Marston, the now famous cowboy you played in the first title of the franchise. Without revealing anything of the scenario, know that you will find the Western atmosphere which characterizes the title . It’s simple, from Blackwater bars to arid or snowy plains where you will ride, through the many areas you will travel in this Open World, you will get a single trip to the Wild West with this game!

Graphically first of all, it’s a visual slap like we rarely do . It’s not only beautiful, it’s beautiful. The level of detail achieved is simply breathtaking, and it is certainly the most beautiful PS4 game of the moment. The example of the testicles of the horses, which shrinks when it’s cold, gives you an idea of ​​the attention given to Read Dead Redemption 2. Nothing is left to chance and every new area that we go through leave us clogged up. The animation of the characters is bluffing and we think sometimes in the heart of a film Sergio Leone!

In terms of gameplay, no disappointment either. The game is very fluid, does not suffer from any slowdown and despite some untapped ideas (like the FPS view that does not bring much in the end) and a little clumsy approach of our favorite hero, we take a crazy fun to play. The Kill cam offers a feeling of power quite enjoyable, and the scenes follow each other and are not alike, which makes it possible to never do the same thing again. Between the fights of saloons, the attacks of trains with armed hands, the infiltration of enemy camps, the hunt … Impossible to be bored. Good , because the life of RDR2 is colossal , since it easily exceeds the 60 hours of play.

What emerges from this experience is this feeling of life that emanates from the universe of the title. Once again, Rockstar , the studio responsible for the GTA series, proves that video games have nothing to envy to the world of cinema. In Read Dead Redemption 2 , we live the adventure at 100%. The music, the sound effects, the voices, immerse us in a credible world, which is reinforced by a dynamic staging and a very well oiled scenario.

Read Dead Redemption 2 is without doubt the best PS4 game of the moment and even one of the best ps4 games , simply. A title of this size, we have one every 5 or 10 years! The last one was … GTA 5, in 2013!