4 Advantages Of Inbound Marketing

          Today we have moved from traditional marketing to Inbound Marketing . This new form of marketing is designed to attract prospects towards you rather than to meet them. It is the needs of the customers who are privileged and not the product or service presented by the company. But what are the advantages of Inbound Marketing?

1. Boost the marketing and sales process

          Through Inbound Marketing, within your accounting firm, sales teams partner and work with marketing teams. Thus, they can create relevant content that will be useful to attract your prospects. Teamwork brings together everyone’s knowledge and it is multiplied when shared with another team. There is the advantage for your company, but especially for your future customers!

2. Educate prospects in the digital world

          The emergence of digital has changed the methods within companies and even more in the cabinets. It is your duty to adapt to this evolution and especially to educate your prospects. In order to know how to get them to get the information they are looking for, it’s up to you to put yourself in their shoes. By targeting their needs, you will be able to distribute personalized information at the right time. The prospect will therefore feel in agreement with the values ​​of the company and will be led to want to continue to learn and evolve with you. This goes through a good definition of your buyer personas .

3. Increase visibility and notoriety

            It is now essential to use the internet to become known. Inbound Marketing makes it possible to be visible as much as possible, especially social networks.

           Know that 71% of customers who have good experience with a brand on a social network are more likely to recommend this brand over another .

          Your business must be able to be seen everywhere, all the time. This will increase your chances of being known and thus getting the most leads. Visibility leads to notoriety. Like, comment and share content; be active on the web!

4. Increase credibility and trust

         To target your prospects and make them customers, it is important that they know you and especially that they trust your company. Acquiring the trust of prospects takes time. For this, adopt a less intrusive targeting not to frighten them, but more effective to touch them more. Thus, your credibility will be strengthened and your prospect reassured.