11 Great Benefits of Water for Your Body That You Do not Know

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1. It makes you lose weight

Water is your best friend to slim down. In addition to replacing more caloric drinks such as soda, beer or wine, water is especially an excellent appetite suppressant.

2. It helps fight against bad breath

Because having a well hydrated mouth is essential against bad breath. In fact, when you wake up, the breath is always cooler because you have not been drinking water for a long time. And since water promotes digestion, it also prevents gastric reflux that causes bad breath

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3. It’s good against headaches

Drinking water both prevents and relieves headaches that are often caused by dehydration.

4. It helps digestion

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before lunch and dinner facilitates digestion. It prepares the stomach for digestion and helps to better assimilate food.

5. It’s excellent against muscle pain

Good hydration helps prevent cramps and can also reduce muscle pain of any kind.

6. It prevents osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis attacks when the joints of your muscles are not hydrated properly. Water acts as a lubricant that helps prevent pain associated with osteoarthritis.

7. It’s very good for the skin

A well hydrated skin, it is a brighter complexion, a younger skin! Before you rush to moisturizing creams, start by drinking enough water as Sarah’s experience shows that she seems to have lost 10 years in just 4 weeks by drinking more water .

8. It helps to fight against fatigue

More than coffee, water will be your best ally in the event of a stroke. Water is an unknown source of energy and yet it will boost your system.

9. It is recommended for concentration

Want to be more efficient? Drinking water improves your intellectual abilities … Keep a bottle of water on your desk.

10. It eliminates toxins

Drinking enough water helps to sweat enough to eliminate toxins and lose weight. It is also essential for the proper functioning of your renal system. A lack of hydration can cause urinary infections or kidney stones.

11. It makes dark circles disappear

The skin is more elastic, the complexion brighter so naturally your dark circles fade. You already look better.